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VIDEO- Snowy Owl Project- Nest Check Process

In this video, Chloe and Solai show how they conduct a Snowy Owl nest check.

Video produced July 2022.

For more information about ORI’s Snowy Owl Research and updates on the 2022 Snowy Owl nest, visit our website:


Snowy Owl Project: Nest Check Process

We visit the nest every 3 days

First, chicks and eggs are covered up to keep warm while we collect data

We record the distance of the adults from the nest using a range finder

And record behavioral observations such as vocalizations and displays

Next, we record cached prey

We record species and sex for each prey item

And take their weights

Researchers are in and out of the area in just a few minutes, and the female returns to her nest immediately after

Before we leave, we count the chicks and monitor their growth and development

To keep up with the snowy owl nest, you can watch the live cam at

To support our work, visit our website at


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