The Roost - Annual Newsletter of the Owl Research Institute

Each year we produce The Roost, our annual newsletter. It's filled with project updates, owl info, and lots of wonderful photos. Most people call it magazine instead of a newsletter. The Roost comes out around late November. 

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Previous editions of The Roost

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cover_The Roost_2021.jpg


The Roost 2018 cover. A man holds a snowy owl.
2015 edition of The Roost. A long-eared owl perched on a branch looking at the camera.



Cover of The Roost 2020 edition. A black and white image of a long-eared owl, head turned to the right.


Copy of 2019 The Roost. A northern hawk owl holds a dead vole in its beak.


Cover of 2018 The Roost. A great grey owl perched on a snowy branch.


Cover 2016 The Roost. A northern pygmy owl on a branch looking at the camera.
2014 The Roost. Images of a barn owl, flamulated owls, and text accompaning both.


2013 edition of The Roost. Page says, Message from the President, picture of Denver Holt holding a long-eared owl.