Each year, we partner with, an arm of the Annenberg Foundation, to share our planet's wildlife and scenic landscapes through Live Cams. For Explore's Pearls of the Planet series, we have now established live cameras on nests of Snowy Owls, Great Horned Owls, Long-eared Owls, and Osprey. In 2017, we introduced the Great Gray Owl cam.


The cameras are active 24/7 – when no technical difficulties arise. By day, you can view the scene in color - by night, infrared. These cameras have given us an ability to learn more about breeding behavior of the species mentioned above. The cameras allow us to see the good times, and the bad, in the lives of these animals – including life and death. It can be difficult to watch a chick die, but that's life and we do not interfere – but we do learn. 

The cameras have become incredible tools for many reasons. From a research perspective, they allow us to learn more about the owls' life, allowing never before seen behaviors during the night hours. From an educational perspective, they summon endless levels of interest for the casual cam watcher to the scrutinizing, citizen-scientist cam viewer.

On the cam chat boards, we share updates and conduct live chats with the viewing audience. Consequently, our conservation message gets directly out to the public without having to wait for scientific publications.

We are grateful to Explore for bringing these viewing opportunities to the world. Likewise, we are appreciative of the Cam Community who keep us updated on noteworthy happenings.