Ask Us Anything: Snowy Owl Live Cam

2022 season

A male snowy owl delivers a lemming to his chicks

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Video Updates


A note about the cam:

ORI biologists will cover the live cam or set it on highlights during nest checks to provide a comfortable working environment for our field biologists. Our researchers work swiftly while recording data to minimize disturbance at the nest. Working in front of live viewers at the only live Snowy Owl nest in the world is a high-pressure task and we want to minimize any distractions while our researchers work. We only cover the cam for about 5-10 minutes and leave the area immediately.

To keep you in the loop and inform you about the work we do, field biologists Denver, Solai, and Chloe will be giving updates on the progress of the nest, and will share photos of the chicks/eggs. We plan to share a video documenting and explaining the process of data collection at the nest so that viewers can see what takes place during these nest visits. This way, we can keep you all in the loop about the happenings at the nest and share our research with you all!

Question: Why does the camera sometimes go on highlights?