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Northern Pygmy Owls with Steve Hiro

Steve Hiro, volunteer researcher with the Owl Research Institute (ORI), shares information and video footage from the 2023 Northern Pygmy Owl breeding season. All video footage was taken in the late spring of 2023 at one of ORI's research locations in Northwest Montana.

Steve has been volunteering with ORI and studying Northern Pygmy Owls for the past 28 years. In this video, he shares insights from his years of observing these remarkable little owls during their breeding season.

Photos and video footage courtesy of Dan Ballard, Drake Ballard, Steve Hiro, Kurt Lindsay, Avery Maxwell, and Matt Larson.

Special thanks to Damian & Megan Powledge for graciously allowing ORI access to their property to observe this nest throughout the 2023 breeding season.


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