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A Photographic Guide to Aging and Sexing Snowy Owl Chicks

February 2023



ORI's Denver Holt, along with Solai Le Fay and Chloe Hernandez, have put together a new photographic resource on how to determine the age and sex of Snowy Owl chicks. This work is based on Denver's decades of research on Snowy Owls, as well as ORI's previous publications (links to resources on the page).

screenshot of webpage: a photographic guide to aging and sexing snowy owls from hatching to fledgling: monitoring plumage and growth rates in snowy owl chicks

Even if you are not a researcher studying Snowy Owls, we invite you to take a look at photos from the 2022 Snowy Owl nest and learn more about the lives of these iconic owls! Some of these photos were shared during the breeding season in our coverage of the nest, but many are new.

Screen shot showing Stage 1: days 1-4 with a picture of snowy owl chick hatching from an egg, and of young snowy owl chicks next to unhatched eggs in the nest.

The chicks featured in this photo guide are all from the single Snowy Owl nest located in ORI's study area during the 2022 breeding season.

A Snowy Owl chick, mostly covered in gray downy feathers but with a white facial disc and white wings.
One of the male Snowy Owl chicks from the 2022 nest.


For more information, photos, and video updates on the 2022 Snowy Owl breeding season, see:


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