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Have you seen a Snowy Owl?

Kurt Lindsay photo

December 5th marked this season's second Snowy Owl sighting in the Mission Valley, that the ORI is aware of. We received a report from a reliable source of a sighting on November 8. This week, nearly a month later, Denver received a tip from a friend, and found what he thinks was a young female in a farmers field. The ORI has been extensively scouting the area - we are just not seeing Snowy Owls in numbers.

Michigan and Ohio are reporting large numbers this year. Our scouting trips have seen countless Red Tail and Rough-legged Hawks - so we know there is food available - just no Snowies. They may still arrive, it is not too late to rule them out, so we will continue to scout and hope to find more visitors from the Arctic this year.

If you've seen a Snowy Owl, we'd love to hear about it. Send me an email at or use the Contact Us form HERE >>.

Kurt Lindsay Photo

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