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Update on Snowy Owl Chick 6: "Snowy's doing great!"

January 12, 2023

Snowy in her enclosure at Wild Skies Raptor Center on November 20, 2022.

Back in November 2022, we shared the story of Snowy Owl Chick 6 (affectionately called "Snowy"), as she was rescued in Utqiagvik, Alaska. We quickly learned that she was one of the 6 chicks from the Snowy Owl nest ORI monitored all summer (See: Timeline of the 2022 Snowy Owl Breeding Season), and which we had been watching on the live Snowy Owl cam.

Through efforts by a local veterinarian, the Alaska Raptor Center, ORI, and Alaska Airlines, we were able to successfully have the injured chick transported to Montana where she could heal and spend the winter in the expert care of Wild Skies Raptor Center.


Read about the Snowy Owl chick's rescue and journey to Wild Skies Raptor Center in Montana in our post from November 10, 2022:


A few days ago we got this update from Brooke Tanner at Wild Skies Raptor Center:

"Snowy's doing great! She's now efficient with her snatch and grab of food. She doesn't miss a beat! We've been pretty busy with the five eagles we've admitted in the last six weeks, so haven't been taking many photos. I think at this point the only thing holding back her release is the HPAI outbreak."

A young female Snowy Owl flys in an enclosure at a raptor rehab center.
December 1, 2022- Snowy stretching her wings and flying strong in her enclosure.


Want to support Wild Skies' important work? Visit their website and learn about the different ways you can Support the Raptors and Wild Skies. (For only $60, you can sponsor a week of Lead Poisoning Removal Therapy for an eagle! Every donation helps- Snowy eats about $4 of food every day!)


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