Hello Little Ones! Great Gray chicks show their faces in a big way!

It was a very exciting day at the live cam nest yesterday. We were afforded our first, super clear views of the chicks – the perfect picture of new life! They certainly look to be active and strong. Thank you for taking so many incredible snapshots and video to document this special occasion!

Photo thanks to KD J and explore.org.

Right now, these two chicks are approximately nine and seven days old (8 and 6 in the video). Their eyes are half-way open. The second natal down (mesoptile) is visible on the back of the head and will replace the first, bright white, natal down (neoptile) they are covered with at hatching. It’s still possible there is third chick in the nest. We would expect to see movement from a four-day old chick, but this was just a quick peek. And this nest bowl is very deep! While a third chick doesn’t look likely, but we’ve been surprised too many times to rule it out! And, as always, time will tell.

Video thanks to Mairzedotes and explore.org