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Thank-you Eskimos, Inc. Powersports - You Guys Rock!

A BIG shout out to Eskimos, Inc. Powersports of Barrow, Alaska for giving us a great deal on our new four wheeler - a fantastic 2018 Polaris Sportsman 1000 ATV! In addition to a generous price break, they have offered to do the maintenance, supply specialized gear, and store the ATV during the off season! These guys are awesome!

For the owners of Eskimos, Inc, it was important that we've been coming back 27 years; that we've hired several Inupiat kids over the years; published a Snowy Owl book for children that was dedicated to the people of Barrow; and immersed ourselves in the community - forming connections, friendships and investing in the area. They did their research and decided the Owl Research Institute was a group worth giving back to - an enormously helpful decision for us!

Our old ATV had held up for ten years of hard use on the tundra. Due to the replacement cost, we were hoping to get one more season of it. But after Denver had to be towed back to town early in the season, we realized the time was now.

Given the vastness of our study area - a 100-square-mile study area in and around the town of Barrow - a reliable ATV is not only a necessity, but a safety issue as well. Now that we've got this heavy-duty machine, we can get back to business and focus on nests far and wide!

Eskimos, Inc - thanks again for your generosity and interest in Snowy Owl Conservation. You guys rock! :)

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