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First Snowy Owl Sighting of the year in the Mission Valley

Snowy Owl migration, Kurt Lindsay photo

The Snowy Owls are here! Well, at least one Snowy Owl is here!

The Owl Research Institute received report of a Snowy Owl spotted in Montana's Mission Valley on November 9th. The owl was seen in a ranchers field and believed to be a female. Although we have received reports of migrating Snowy Owls seen in British Columbia, this is the first local report of the year.

Each year, the Owl Research Institute receives hundreds of tips and updates from locals, farmers and ranchers in the Mission Valley. This information is invaluable to our ability to understand and monitor all 15 owl species of western Montana. We are always appreciative of those who take time to share what they see and encourage you to do the same, no matter where you live! You can contact us through our website, Facebook, call or email -

Have your binoculars at the ready - it's time to be on the lookout for Snowies!

Special thanks to Todd Reardon for reporting this sighting to the Owl Research Institute!

Kurt Lindsay photo

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