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Owl Run Hundreds: new milestone reached!

2,400 miles. $30,000. All for ORI and long-term owl research.

Pete Ripmaster's Owl Run Hundreds State #24 Done! Over 30K raised! There is a black outline of a runner in a circle in the middle of the picture, and a cut-out male Snowy Owl perches on the "d" in Done. A cut-out female Snowy Owl is in the bottom corner.

Pete Ripmaster is on a mission to run 100 miles in all 50 states—and, in the process, raise $50,000 to support ORI along the way.

Well, now he’s 24 states in, and has raised just over $30,000- more than half his goal, in just under half the states- now that’s some good time!

Track Pete’s progress on his Owl Run Hundreds Project on his website, or follow him on social media.

Last summer (back when he only had 14 states under his belt!) we caught up with Pete for a Q&A- read it here.

YEEHAW! Thanks for the support Pete!


Graphic creating using images of Snowy Owls from Melissa Groo and Jennifer Sperry.


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