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Whoo’s Whoo? Learn about owls in the Feb. 2022 Ranger Rick!

February 2, 2022

ORI’s wildlife technician Chloe Hernandez provided some feedback for an article about owls in the February 2022 issue of Ranger Rick, which is now available online.

Here’s an extremely closeup look at eight owls you might see—or hear—somewhere near you. Get the full picture on each one.”

ORI is also mentioned on the “Green Hour” page, where the featured activity is to go on an “owl prowl.” The article includes some great tips on what to look for when searching for owls.

Right now is a great time to start looking for nesting owls- in many parts of the U.S., Great Horned Owls have already started nesting. Here in Montana, pairs are starting to stake out their chosen nesting sites. Look for old stick nests made by Red-tailed Hawks, crows, magpies, herons, or squirrels.

For more owl ID tips, check out the Identification Basics section of our Owl ID Guide.

Learn more about Great Horned Owls on ORI's website.

Want the chance to see some owls and other raptors without having to go outside? Check out ORI's Winter Raptor cam and other live cams.

Happy Owling!


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