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Baling Twine Clean Up Week 2023

Pick up loose baling twine in your area April 15 - 22!

When Ospreys build their nests, they often pick up loose baling twine to use as nesting material. Adult and young Ospreys can become entangled in the nest, leading to serious and often fatal injury.

From April 15 until April 22, please join ORI in picking up loose baling twine! For those in the Charlo or Polson areas, drop collected twine at one of the two drop locations:

  • ORI Farm (35490 Ninepipe Ln, Charlo MT)

  • CSKT Wildlife Office (408 6th Ave E, Polson MT)

Not in the Mission Valley but still want to participate?

Pick up any litter that might pose a threat to nesting birds (like baling twine, fishing line, or any trash!) and properly dispose of it by storing it in an enclosed bin, box, or strong plastic bag that won't break open before it can be thrown away.

Everyone who participates, no matter your location, can choose to enter our drawing!

How to enter:

  • Take a picture of your clean-up efforts

  • Share it on social media and tag ORI (Facebook: @owlresearchinstitute; or Instagram: @owlresearchinst)

Everyone who tags ORI will be entered into a drawing for fun prizes!

Help us keep Ospreys safe, protect livestock from accidental ingestion, and keep our local environment clean!


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