State of the Owl

Italian writer Marco Mastrorilli interviews Denver Holt for International Owl Awareness Day

When it comes to documenting change in the natural world, Denver Holt has seen a lot. He has studied owls in the wild for over 30 years and is one of world’s leading experts. The founder and lead researcher of the Owl Research Institute (ORI) answers questions about the research and conservation.

Q. Hello Denver, on the occasion of a world day on owls, in your opinion what are the main conservation problems these animals face? Deforestation, illegal trade ...?

A. In my opinion, as with all wildlife, habitat loss is the main conservation concern for owls. This is due to human populations and their needs for basic survival (i.e. farming, food, etc.) But also other related issues, such as resource exploitation for profit (i.e. development, logging, mining, oil and gas, poaching, etc.).

Q. Talk about the state of owls in the USA. Which species are better off? Which ones most at risk?