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Charlo Osprey Cam gets an upgrade

Followers of's Osprey cam, located in Charlo, MT near the Owl Research Institute, just enjoyed a viewing upgrade! A camera crew from Explore spent two days at the site: replacing the existing cam and making improvements to the wiring and overall set-up.

The camera was down during maintenance. When it went live again, the picture quality proved to be great and the view spectacular. Camera operators from Explore will have the ability to adjust the view remotely, depending on what is going on in the nest. The camera provides 24/7 viewing, filming in infrared during the night.

Right now, there are no Osprey, however; Great Horned Owls have been frequenting the nest, using its perch as a hang out/hunting spot during the night. Viewers from have captured incredible photos of these nightly visitors and making some interesting observations. The livecams continue to provide never-before-seen footage and opportunities to learn new things about owl behavior, communication, and more.

A big thank you to and their awesome crew for providing the camera, maintenance and broadcasting; and the Explore community for their support of the project and our work at the Owl Research institute.

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