A Great Visit from explore.org!

Explore.org came to the Owl Research Institute this week - joining us in the field to experience owl research first-hand, and to film this process in action.

Courtney Johnson and Rick Ring, film and social media experts from explore, spent time at the Owl Research Institute field station and joined us for two full days on the Long-eared Owl project. They participated in every bit of the process - from driving the owls through the wooded draws, to holding and assessing the owls, collecting measurements, and banding. They captured great film footage and streamed video from the field. They even left us with an ipad so we can continue to film and stream on our own! A bit intimidating but very exciting as well: their live stream videos were watched by thousands of viewers! The educational possibilities are endless; the reach is astonishing!

Not only did we enjoy getting to know Courtney and Rick, but are so appreciative of our partnership with explore.org. It is one that shares the lives of owls, and the research we do, with the world. Thanks explore.org for making the trip!!! Please come again! :)

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