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For the past five years, the Owl Research Institute and, the world's leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel, have been building a fantastic partnership. It is a partnership that brings you all the LiveCam coverage of Montana's Great Horned Owl, Great Gray Owl, Long-Eared Owl, and Charlo Osprey nests. These nest cams, which continue infrared footage throughout the night, have mesmerized viewers from around the world, and provide invaluable, never before seen views and sounds of nesting behavior and communication. The cams are incredible tools for education, conservation and research.

We are thrilled to announce that will be visiting the Owl Research Institute next week to join us in the field and get a first-hand account of owl research in action! The team from Explore will be filming and, very likely, holding live chats with Denver Holt and the ORI. We hope to involve the team with Long-eared Owl field work and banding, the Montana Migration Project and see Northern Saw-Whet Owls up close, and to experience the process of researching owls in the wild for them to share with the owl audience.

The Owl Research Institute's partnership with is one we greatly value: not only do the LiveCams create unprecedented owl views for research and enjoyment, but's generous grant program allows the ORI to continue to our mission of owl conservation through research and education. We are so excited to have them visit the ORI and thankful for their philanthropic work and dedication to wildlife.

Stay tuned through the Owl Research Institute or facebook pages for updates as to when you can join us for a live chat or live footage from the field! I will try to post updates here as well.

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