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2017 Newsletter goes to press!

The Roost 2017, Annual Newsletter of the Owl Research Institute

Yesterday morning, with the incredible help of Kim and Kim Koenig at Mission Valley Printing in Ronan, Montana, we made final edits to our 2017 Owl Research Institute Newsletter, The Roost! It is a huge project but, in seeing that final proof, always worth it! This year, The Roost is packed with project updates, species information, ORI news and happenings, T-Shirts for sale, and, of course, lots of beautiful owl photos! Above is a sneak peak of this years' Great Gray Owl cover!

Once the newsletter is printed, the job of stuffing donation envelopes begins. In the past, this has been accomplished in a variety of ways (with Matt often taking the brunt of the job). This year, however, we have an ambitious group of high school students from Charlo High School who have volunteered for the job! Because the college admissions process looks at a variety of applicant factors, including a willingness to help out and get involved with one's community, high school students are often looking for ways to volunteer. We are thrilled for the help and they've agreed to work for pizza!

We hope to have newsletters in the mail just before Thanksgiving. I will post an electronic copy here on the website but, if you'd like to receive a hard copy of The Roost in the mail, you can sign up HERE.

Special, special thanks to Kim at Mission Valley Printing! Without her efficient design, editing and formatting skills, there would be no newsletter! Kim and Kim, you are true friends of the Owl Research Institute!

And to all fans of the Roost - Thank you for your support as well!

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