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Owl Research Institute Returning Volunteer, Angie Marbais

10/27/2017 -

After a week in the field with lots of late nights, physical work, incredible moments with owls, laughter and, at times, frustration, the Owl Research Institute said good-bye to Ohio resident and volunteer, Angie Marbais. She was really beginning to feel like one of the team!

While physical work is nothing new to Angie - who works in physical therapy - five consecutive days in the field can be tiring. But Angie was up to the challenge, expanding her role, learning new things about owls, and enjoying her Montana experience.

Last year, she visited in February - a trip that came to fruition after attending an Audubon presentation Denver gave in Ohio. She approached him about volunteer opportunities and decided to make the trip to Montana happen.

This year, Angie logged in many days on the Long-eared Owl project and was involved with every step of the survey process - from setting up nets, to banding, weighing and measuring. In addition to the Long-eared Owl project, she assisted with the Montana Migration Project (and fell in love with Saw-Whet Owls), helped to measure the Great Gray Owl nest, attended an educational presentation, and spent many hours in the car, traveling from site to site. It is our hope that after another year of volunteering, Angie will be able to lead some surveys on her own while volunteering with the Owl Research Institute.

Angie hopes to take her experience with the Owl Research Institute, as well her other work with birds of prey, and turn them into a career with wildlife. You can certainly count on us for a great recommendation, Angie! For now, however, Angie is looking forward to being back at her forested home in Ohio with her husband and two boys, encouraging bird life habitat and nesting opportunities in her own backyard.

Thanks for all your contributions to the Owl Research Institute, Angie! We couldn't do it without dedicated volunteers like you!

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