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The Owl Research Institute in the field on the Long-Eared Owl Project

Last week the Owl Research Institute spent a beautiful fall day in the field on the Long-Eared Owl research project. Many owls were spotted (10 Long-Eared Owls and two Great Horned Owls) and we were able to band and record data on four Long-Eared Owls - as seen here.

Over 30 years in the running, the Owl Research Institute has banded (as of last week) over 1,900 Long-Eared Owls! This is longest running study of its kind and is revealing important population data about a species in decline. The need for habitat conservation comes into focus - several of our study areas that were once prime Long-Eared Owl habitat are now the site of subdivisions. The owls we captured, however, seemed to be healthy and thriving.

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