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Wintry day on the Long-eared Owl Project

It was a wintry day on the Long-eared Owl project. What started out as a crisp, winter morning, turned to heavy snowfall and falling temps by mid-afternoon. We captured and banded three Long-eared Owls, but packed it in early due to weather - we didn't want to further stress the birds.

The ORI Researchers were kind enough to let my husband and kids come along on this day in the field, and wasted no time getting them involved. They helped flush the draws, set up nets, and got to observe every aspect of the research process. Denver always says that this is where conservation really starts - by helping people connect, personally, with nature and wildlife. I couldn't agree more. Although my kids have lived amongst owls their whole lives, they were blown away to see them up close like this. What an incredible gift to give my family!

Special thanks to Denver, Matt and Steve for making a lifetime of memories happen!

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