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Your generosity will make a difference for owls and the ecosystems they call home. 

Tribute Gifts

Want to make a donation in someone's honor as a gift or memorial? Make a donation on our Tribute Gift page and we'll customize a certificate with your recipients name and a personalized message.


Crypto and Stock Gifts

When you make a donation to the Owl Research Institute, your gift supports critical long-term research and conservation, helping protect North American owls and the habitats they need for survival. It funds our education and outreach as we engage the public with our work. 

Four New Donor Levels with Thank-You Gifts

We are introducing new donor levels with special thank-you gifts to express our gratitude for your continued support. We believe these gifts (which have been graciously donated to our organization by Tom Murphy) reflect our commitment to conservation, education, and research. Our lineup of our new donor levels are named based on the description of the primary vocalizations owls use for communication. If you've already donated at one of these levels and would like to receive our free gift, please email and let us know. Thank you!

Screecher's for Education: $100+

Receive a charming 4"x4" car or laptop sticker, proudly displaying your support for the ORI

We Give A Hoot Sticker

Trillers for Research: $250+

Enjoy a stunning Great Gray Owl 22”x30” poster featuring a captivating photo by Tom Murphy, a renowned Montana photographer

Tooters for Conservation: $500+

Receive BOTH a 4"x4" sticker to display your support for ORI and a stunning Great Gray Owl 22”x30” poster featuring a captivating photo by wilderness photographer Tom Murphy.

Great Gray Owl Poster Photo by Tom Murphy

Hooters for Habitat: $1,000+

Immerse yourself in the world of birds and other wild animals with a gift of “Fragile Beauty of Wildlife” a magnificent 12”x12” coffee table book by renowned wildlife photographer Ly Dang which includes some stunning Snowy and Burrowing Owl imagery AND also receive charming 4"x4" ORI sticker.

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