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Online Auction to Support ORI's Snowy Owl Research

On the 30th anniversary of the world’s longest running Snowy Owl Field Research Project, we have a unique opportunity to raise support that will enable us to continue this critical project.

The Owl Research Institute (ORI) launched the Snowy Owl Breeding Ecology and Lemming Population Study in 1992. Every year, ORI Founder and Director Denver Holt and a small team head to Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska, more than 300 miles above the Arctic Circle to continue this study. The highly trained field team works to locate and monitor Snowy Owl nests, documenting chick growth and development, behavior, survival rates, and seasonal trends. They examine many other field conditions, including the number of male owls, the number of lemmings, a critical food source and the potential impacts of climate change that may affect Snowies and many other Arctic species.

This long-term research and monitoring is critical, but costly for a nonprofit – annual expenses include travel, lodging, and field equipment maintenance. More important than ever is our need to hire a bio-statistician to assist with in-depth analysis of Snowy Owl and lemming data, while we also partner and collaborate with other Arctic researchers to see how our data may contribute to a broader understanding of the Arctic ecosystem and what changes are occurring. This then helps lead to better management and “action” plans.

close-up of one of the snowy owls in a painting. "Snow Birds" is written below it.

To support this ongoing, vital effort, Montana artist Jennifer Lowe-Anker has graciously donated one of her original paintings, Snow Birds, to this online auction. All proceeds of this benefit auction will support ORI’s Snowy Owl Research Project. Her colorful and vivid work captures these enigmatic birds perfectly, according to ORI Director Denver Holt.

This beautiful painting features five Snowy Owls, one for each of the five chicks that successfully fledged from the one nest Denver discovered this year (summer 2021).

In the words of Denver Holt, "Wow—those expressions are spot-on!"

To view or bid on Snow Birds and other items, visit: Support ORI's Snowy Owl Research- Online Auction

You will need to create a log-in and enter your credit card information in order to bid. Your information is private and secure.

Auction ends September 30, 2021 at 11:59 MST.

Framed oil painting of 5 snowy owls against a blue background. Painting is siting on the grass.

Thank you for your support!


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