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Sea, Sand... and a Snowy Owl? Denver to present talk on Snowy Owls in California

The recent sighting of a Snowy Owl in Cypress, California, has generated excitement and curiosity about this amazing raptor. Sea and Sage Audubon Society, in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, is sponsoring & hosting ORI's Denver Holt on Thursday, January 19, to share insights from his more than 30 years of research on Snowy Owls, focusing on their breeding ecology.

Denver will also share general information about Snowy Owls, including their behavior and movements- such as why they may travel down from their breeding grounds in the Arctic to more southern latitudes- even all the way to southern California! Part of the presentation will discuss the Snowy Owl that has recently been spotted in Cyprus, California, and what it is about owls- Snowy Owls especially- that makes them so fascinating to so many.


Denver Holt presents: The Breeding Ecology of Snowy owls


Thursday, January 19

7 pm PST


Cypress Community Center (5700 Orange Ave, Cypress CA 90630)


Tune in online. No registration required.

Zoom link:

The link to watch online will also be available on the Sea and Sage Audubon Society website. Please check their site for more details and information.


Sea and Sage Audubon Society appreciates donations to cover the cost of this program.


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