Kiffy's Owls - In Loving Memory

The opportunity to monitor a Barn Owl nest is a rare and special experience for The Owl Research Institute. This season, seven Barn Owl chicks have been adopted in loving memory of John Christopher “Kiffy” Purvis to carry on his love for these animals. We invite Kiffy’s friends and family to contribute to this project in his honor.

About your Memorial Donation

ORI has had the rare opportunity to monitor a thriving nest of Barn Owls this year. As chance would have it, Barn Owls also held a special place in the heart of a beloved friend and family man, Kiffy, who passed away recently. In his memory, seven chicks have been adopted, and his legacy will live on through the lives of these wild and free owls.


Information about the adoptions:


  • Each chick was fitted with a band and number that is registered with the Bird Banding Lab in Maryland.

  • If one of these owls is ever recaptured or located again, this information will be available to Kiffy’s family. Band numbers, acknowledgement letters, and certificates of adoption will be provided to the family and friends that adopted the chicks in Kiffy’s memory.

  • This nest is located in western Montana. While the male and female pair settled in a man-made nest box, they are wild owls. Our brief period of handling them while banding will most likely be the only human contact they ever have.

  • The adoption of these chicks was exclusively reserved for Kiffy’s friends as a way to pay tribute to him and his surviving family, however, the continued funding of this particular species project will remain open to those that wish to support the cause.

Your charitable gift ensures that Kiffy's memory lives on through these owls, and helps support the research and conservation of this species. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Owl Research Institute's work with Barn Owls, you can visit our research page HERE >

Kiffy's Owls



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