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Adopt a Banded Snowy Owl Chick!

Snowy Owl chicks from the 2018 breeding season are now banded! As a result, we have a limited number of chicks to be adopted! These symbolic adoptions are a unique way to connect with the Snowy Owls of the Alaskan Arctic and help support our research and conservation around the species. Your Snowy Owl Adoption documents come in a folder and include the following: A personalized Certificate of Snowy Owl Adoption with banding information including band number, leg placment, banding date and location, number in nest, and hatch order An 8 x 10 color photograph of Owl Research Institute Founder Denver Holt banding this season's chicks in the field A Snowy Owl fact sheet 2 Owl Research Institute s

See the patch of bare skin? It's a brood patch

The first time I saw a brood patch - especially visible on a Snowy Owl - I was mystified and concerned. It just didn't look right. I went on to learn that it is exactly right - a perfectly developed adaptation to ensure that eggs are incubated properly. An especially relevant issue in the Arctic. Female Snowy Owls will lay three to eleven white eggs on a ground nest. The number of eggs is depends on how much food is available in a given season. Snowy Owls have an instinctive sense of how many chicks lemming numbers can support. For example, if an area's vole populations in high, a female Snowy Owl might lay nine eggs. If the vole population is low, she might lay just three eggs, or she may

ORI Raising Money for Glacier National Park!

We believe strongly in supporting other charitable organizations who are doing important work. Last night, we were honored to raise $6,500 for Glacier National Park through our Day-in-the-Field donation! Glacier is one of the world's natural treasures and we are happy to support the thoughtful stewardship of its land and resources. Congratulations to GNP Conservancy on a successful - and very fun - Backpacker's Ball from your friends at the Owl Research Institute! :)

2018 Season update - the Snowy Owl Project

2018 Season Update – The Snowy Owl Project, Utqiagvik, Alaska The 2018 Snowy Owl Project kicked-off in late May with researcher Matt Larson’s arrival in Utqiagvik, Alaska. This is base camp for the study site – 100-square miles around the town and bordered by the Arctic Sea - the only area in the United States where Snowy Owls breed with regularity. Surveys of the tundra at this time – still covered with snow and ice - yielded three nest locations, all with 5 - 7 eggs. Photos of these early season nests showed warm eggs surrounded by ice walls – it was a late and very cold spring. Nonetheless, these findings, combined with other encouraging signs, fueled hope for a strong breeding season. De

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We are so grateful to the photographers who capture owls, and our work, in the most amazing ways. They generously share their work with us, and you. Check out the works of some of the photographers whose work is featured on our site! They are incredible talented artists who are committed to wildlife conservation.

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